What Can You Do to Effect Positive Change in our Immigration Laws?

December 22, 2017

Immigration policy changes fast during the Trump era. Already, we've seen DACA revoked, countless ICE raids, travel bans put in place for various countries, and a drastic change in the perception of all immigrants. The rapid changes in immigration policy for the past year have left many with a strong desire to voice their opinion and support for a more positive policy. But solutions to these problems don't always lie in the hands of those on Capitol Hill. They start with you. Here's what you can do to help immigrants in need.

Offer support where you can

From volunteer work to actual political initiatives, there is a litany of immigration organizations that need your help on the ground. The Texas Tribune offers a fantastic directory of just some of the organizations you can support. Also, basic web searches and FB groups offer havens for those who want to help immigrants when possible. VolunteerMatch also has opportunities in and around the San Antonio area to help immigrants and organizations in need.


Set up a Google Alert for immigration Texas to get perspectives on all sides of immigration in Texas. While we do not condone all of the news and opinions that come from certain sides, we do condone being informed on talking points from all sides of the aisle. Educate yourself. You might encounter people who think immigrants are a drain on our economy, or are a significant portion of violent crime statistics. For instance, immigrants only make up 5% of the prison population. In big cities such as Los Angeles, immigrants account for ⅓ of the economic output of the city. Also, this blog tries to present quality analysis on the issues that are most pressing for immigrants today. We aim to present the most thorough answers possible in an attempt to help as many folks as possible.

Join a Local Demonstration

Whether it's the demonstrations at airports during the first travel ban, the Women's March, or even a small gathering outside a representative's office, just show up and voice your opinion about immigration. By sharing your opinion, it can help enable those who may be looking for someone like them. Social media and other San Antonio immigration organizations may be able to help point you towards demonstrations.

Call Your Representatives

Tell them to pass the DREAM Act now. Here is the link to find out who represents you. If you have difficulties calling them, you can send a fax by using ResistBot from your phone.


If you are a lawful permanent resident please naturalize so you can vote. Tell all LPRs you know to naturalize.

Talk with an Immigration Attorney

Come talk to us. You may have derivative citizenship and not even know it. We can answer questions and work towards preparing strategies to help get the best results possible for any immigration issues you may be facing.

Let Us Help You Win Your Case Today

Immigration law can be complex, but we always stay on top of the latest developments. If you have questions about immigration law or your immigration case, contact us today to set up a free initial consultation.

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